Good Eating at Saltgrass Steak House

My wife and I went to Saltgrass Steak House on Friday night for dinner. We have been to this establishment many times before and have always been impressed.   We were seated promptly and greeted by our waiter.   They must know about my carb weakness because they always bring out delicious Shiner Bock beer bread to our table.  This particular loaf has a slight crisp to the exterior and a warm center of fluffy goodness and is served with honey butter.  On this outing, I had the Shrimp Platter which consists of Grilled, Fried and BBQ bacon wrapped shrimp, side, salad or soup. Here’s a link to the menu for the Sherwood location Sherwood Menu.
I had the Caesar salad and garlic mashed potatoes they are best “loaded” with bacon, cheese, chives, and sour cream. The bacon wrapped BBQ shrimp is phenomenal! It looks and tastes like it consists of shrimp and cream cheese wrapped in bacon, brushed with BBQ sauce and cooked on a grill.

Julie had the Grilled Salmon and baked potato and a house salad.  I wasn’t able to get to close for inspection as she defended her fare extremely well.  I was able to obtain a nibble at the end and was quite pleased.  I noticed a lemony sauce, but not too strong.  A definite option for someone on a health kick.  For dessert, we split a Brownie Skillet Crumble that is served in a cast iron skillet with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream. There is plenty for 2 or more.  It sits on a graham crackerish-concoction and is fabulous!!  The wait staff was knowledgeable and friendly as usual.

Our first outing was a “soft opening” at the Little Rock location when they first opened and we were very impressed.  So much that I signed us up for the Landry’s Select Card which is free, but you can pay $25 and get a $25 credit (basically free) for any Landry’s restaurant (look them up!). Once you rack up 250 points you get another $25 credit. You also get $25 for anniversary and birthday. Plus, the wait seems to be shorter if you have the card, like a “members only” club. There are other steak houses in North Little Rock, Little Rock, Sherwood and beyond that have good food, but Saltgrass seems to top them all. Especially when it comes to steaks, they are able to cook a steak the way you order it. I have had the sirloin here that blew ribeyes out of the water at other places.

A good option for an appetizer is always the queso fresco.  It is one of the best cheese dips I’ve ever had.  It has all kinds of flavors going on!  White cheese dip with braised brisket, pico de gallo, chives and other tasty items.  The cheeseburgers are always a home run.  The carrot cake is another great option to split with someone for dessert.  It is very thick and rich and delicious!!!

I do recommend you try this establishment soon and let me know what you think!

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